9-Day Navratri Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Know What to Eat!

Navratri is a cherished time for many Indians, marked by joyous celebrations with family and friends. However, for some, it's an opportunity to embark on a journey of fasting and spiritual reflection. Did you know that a Navratri fasting diet can also help you shed those extra pounds? If you're wondering what to eat during these nine days or need a detailed Navratri fasting diet chart, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we'll provide you with a comprehensive Navratri diet plan for weight loss. Let's get started on this healthy and spiritual journey together!

What To Eat In Navratri Fast To Lose Weight?

When considering a Navratri diet plan for weight loss, it's crucial to uphold a sense of balance in your meals. The foods suitable for inclusion in your Navratri diet plan for 9 days are as follows, fresh fruits, vegetables, sabudana, low fat dairy products such as yogurt, double toned milk, nuts and seeds etc.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

How To Maintain A 9 Days Navratri Diet Plan For Weight Loss Successfully?

Here are some key considerations to help you maintain a successful Navratri diet plan for weight loss:

  • Make sure to eat an adequate amount of vegetables. Foods rich in vegetables not only nourish your body with essential vitamins and minerals but also help prevent binge eating and curb additional food cravings. Incorporate them into your meals creatively to keep your palate satisfied.

  • Instead of three large meals, opt for small and frequent ones. This approach not only keeps your stomach feeling full but also maintains your energy levels and prevents sharp fluctuations in glucose levels. These smaller, balanced meals will help you stay on track with your Navratri weight loss goals.

  • Water plays a pivotal role during fasting. It not only keeps you hydrated but also aids in weight loss. Drinking plenty of water helps control your appetite and prevents you from mistaking thirst for hunger. Carry a bottle of water with you throughout the day to ensure you stay well-hydrated.

  • Keep an eye out for healthy homemade snacks that align with your Navratri weight loss diet plan. These snacks will not only keep your hunger at bay but also help you adhere to your weight loss goals. Opt for options like roasted makhanas, fruit chaats, or yogurt-based dips to satisfy your cravings without straying from your plan.

Navratri diet plan

9 Days Navratri Fasting Diet Chart For Weight Loss

Your wait is over! We present to you a comprehensive 9-day Navratri weight loss diet plan, covering breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Here’s the detailed Navratri diet plan for weight loss!

Navratri Day 1

  • Start your day with detox water infused with cinnamon, accompanied by 6-7 soaked almonds, and a fruit smoothie made with chia seeds and almond milk.

  • Enjoy fresh coconut water with kuttu roti and lauki ki sabzi in lunch

  • Have a cup of apple or banana slices with a cup of tea or coffee (with little or no sugar) in evening snacks

  • Savor curd and sabudana khichdi in dinner

Navratri Day 2

  • Relish baked sabudana with banana lassi and a boiled potato chaat for breakfast.

  • Opt for aloo with dahi, salad, and rotis in lunch

  • Grab a pear and pair it with a cup of green tea in evening snacks

  • Indulge in grilled paneer with mint chutney in dinner

Navratri Day 3

  • Kickstart your day with detox water featuring chia seeds, amaranth in almond milk, and a makhana porridge.

  • Delight in rice pulao with jeera raita, mint chutney, and a serving of pomegranate in lunch

  • Blend a mixed fruit smoothie using almond milk and add a handful of almonds in evening snacks

  • Relish a lauki and pumpkin soup seasoned with rock salt, accompanied by roasted makhana in dinner

Navratri Day 4

  • Enjoy a fruit smoothie or shake with 5 to 7 almonds in breakfast

  • Savor kuttu or buckwheat dosa with mint chutney in lunch

  • Snack on baked banana chips, and pair them with tea.

  • Try pumpkin and sweet potato soup in dinner

Navratri Day 5

  • Have yogurt curry and raw banana in breakfast

  • Relish boiled potato sabzi along with singhara aata roti in lunch

  • Enjoy baked namkeen with a cup of green tea in snacks

  • Dip into curd dip along with baked sweet potato cutlets in dinner

Navratri Day 6

  • Start your day with vegetable khichdi

  • Opt for kuttu ki roti with dahi and vegetables in lunch

  • Treat yourself to kheer made of sabudana in snack

  • Savor paneer chilla in dinner

Navratri Day 7

  • Relish amaranth dosa with coconut and mint chutney, and accompany it with chia seed water in breakfast

  • Enjoy pumpkin soup with boiled potato salad and sautéed paneer

  • Treat yourself to sabudana kheer made with skimmed milk in snacks

  • Indulge in kuttu rotis along with arbi curry and cucumber salad in dinner

Navratri Day 8

  • Start your day with detox water made of ajwain, fresh coconut water, and a fruit salad.

  • Relish boiled potato sabzi with singhara rotis and salad in lunch

  • Munch on baked banana chips and enjoy coffee with low sugar in snacks

  • Try samak rice khichdi with curd in dinner

Navratri Day 9

  • Begin your day with detox water infused with cinnamon, along with a handful of walnuts and a banana or apple shake.

  • Relish stir-fried spinach with boiled potato and a banana, accompanied by roasted makhanas in lunch

  • Enjoy lassi made with jaggery. Or you can also try Rufi's refreshing and flavourful ready to eat lassi. You can conveniently order it through our milk delivery app, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep for your enjoyment!

  • Feast on sabzi made of dahi wale aloo, cucumber salad, and singhara rotis in dinner

What Are The Benefits Of Navratri Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Here are five important benefits of Navratri diet plan for weight loss:

  • One of the primary advantages is weight management. The Navratri diet plan for 9 days encourages mindful eating and often includes low-calorie, nutritious foods, helping individuals shed excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

  • Navratri fasting involves the consumption of wholesome, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts, while eliminating processed and junk foods. This can aid in detoxifying the body, removing toxins, and promoting overall well-being.

  • Many Navratri-friendly foods are rich in dietary fiber, which supports healthy digestion. This can help alleviate digestive issues, enhance gut health, and prevent bloating or discomfort.

  • When planned carefully, Navratri fasting can provide a balanced mix of essential nutrients. It encourages the intake of a variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and nuts, ensuring you get a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

  • Spiritual and Mental Well-being: Beyond physical benefits, Navratri fasting is often seen as a time for spiritual reflection and self-discipline. It can promote mental clarity, self-control, and a sense of spiritual fulfillment, contributing to overall mental well-being.

Summing Up!

The Navratri weight loss diet plan offers not only a pathway to shed those extra pounds but also an opportunity for spiritual growth and overall well-being. By following this carefully crafted meal guide and staying committed to mindful eating, you can make the most of this auspicious time.

For more Navratri fasting recipes and health tips, don't forget to explore the section Rufil's Blog and Recipes! Wishing you a happy and healthy Navratri journey!

Frequently Asked Questions On Navratri Weight Loss Diet Plan

1. What Should We Eat In Navratri For Weight Loss?

Ans: During Navratri for weight loss, opt for fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, and fasting-friendly grains like amaranth and buckwheat. Avoid fried and sugary foods.

2. What Are The Tips For Navratri Fasting?

Ans: Tips for Navratri fasting include eating small, balanced meals, staying hydrated, choosing wholesome snacks, embracing vegetables, and maintaining mindfulness about your diet.

3. Can You Lose Weight In Navratri Fast?

Ans: Yes, you can lose weight during Navratri fasting by following a well-planned and balanced diet, along with portion control and regular physical activity.

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