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Rufil Milk

Purity and Quality are the two pillars we strictly stand by. Throughout the milk collection system and the processing, we aim to procure fresh milk daily from local villages surrounding Jaipur and conduct purity checks on 36+ parameters using advanced technologies.

We make sure the Rufil milk that reaches your home is safe, most hygienically packed and has no adulterants and preservatives.

We provide Full Cream, Toned and Double Toned milk.
Available in pack sizes of 200ml, 500ml and 1L

Rufil Chhach

Is there a better and healthier way to quench your thirst than by gulping down a glass of cold Chhach? No right!

Our Swiss expertise in dairy processing and our ardent love for buttermilk pushes us to give you the creamiest and most refreshing Chhach all year long!

With our special ingredient mix of spices and herbs, you are in for a treat, with our Masala and Jeera Chhach.

Available in three flavours: Plain Chhach, Masala Chhach and Jeera Chhach.

Rufil Paneer

Let’s admit it, Paneer is the star in every household. We’ve all grown up having extra affinity towards Paneer. At Rufil, we take our Paneer just as seriously as you do.

Rufil Paneer is made under utmost hygienic conditions using automated process and is packed using German technology. This makes our Paneer one of the best vacuum packed in the market and keeps it ultra-fresh and extremely soft for you.

Available in pack sizes of 200gm and 1kg.

Rufil Swiss Yogurt

Be it for your breakfast or 5pm hunger pangs, what’s a better way than to have a giant scoop of Rufil Yogurt? Our yogurt is made with the help of Swiss dairy experts, who have ensured that it tastes the way their country looks… Delightful!

Why you will fall in love with Rufil Yogurt:
High in Protein – It covers 10% of your daily protein requirement.
No artificial flavours, No synthetic colours are used in any of our products.
It is so yummy and healthy that you can snack on it at any time of the day.

So, the next time you need a chill pill or a protein boost just get yourself some Rufil Swiss Yogurt!

Available in 3 flavours (90gms cup): Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry.

Rufil Ghee

All those curries, breads and sweets just taste better when made in Ghee, right? This golden Indian traditional superfood is the master ingredient behind all those delicacies. Ghee is a great source of vitamin A, E, K and is filled with antioxidants, so in fact ghee in the right amount should be part of your daily diet.

To give you that decadent flavour and all the nutrition, we give you Rufil Ghee that is made with 100% natural fresh cream of cow milk. It contains no artificial additives or colours.

Available in packing of 500ml, 1litre, 5litres and 15kgs.

Rufil Dahi

Before starting an important day, you eat dahi cheeni. For a small savoury snack, you ask for dahi vada. And every day at lunch, you have got to have a bowl of raita. We need and love dahi in all forms and variations!

Just like all other Rufil products, Rufil Dahi is made following international quality standards. Our highly nutritious creamy Dahi is great for your gut health and we make sure it tastes just like your “ghar ka bana dahi”.

Available in cup: 85gm, 180gm
Pouch: 190gm, 1 Kg