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Our Story

The Joshi family of Jaipur has always been extremely conscious of healthy eating and always had concerns about the adulteration or antibiotics in their milk or grains or the vegetables they consumed..

In the year 2008, Dr. R.K. Joshi and Mrs. Ursula Joshi inspired their younger brother, Mr. C.K. Joshi to set up a dairy and agriculture farm for in situ consumption of their family. With a lot of love and passion, he did so and started a small farm with about 20 cows and also grew some crops and vegetables.

Soon they realized that a lot of their neighbours, friends and family members are also concerned about the quality of products they consume and they started sourcing the produce made at the farm.

Most importantly, the rising concern about the quality of milk and the never ending search for good quality milk and milk products inspired the Joshi family to expand their operations of the farm to about 350 cows.

Mr. C.K. Joshi’s son, Abhishek joined him in his quest for making the finest quality milk and milk products and making it reach to many more people and consumers in Rajasthan. That is how Rufil was born.

At Rufil we believe in a simple philosophy about our products – “Is this something I would be happy for my kids and family to eat or drink?”
If the answer is yes, then we just go ahead and do it.

Welcome to Rufil!

Our milk quality is the backbone of everything we do at Rufil, and we strive really hard to achieve that every day. At our own farm we have implemented the simple but basic farming practices – give natural feed to cows, no use of hormones, keep the cows in free housing which makes them really happy - all this to keep the milk as it should be… Simply Natural!

Our farm now has more than 350 cows and many adorable calves of Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal, and crossbreed Holstein-Friesian, and buffaloes. A team of well trained staff takes the best care of the cows and follows a hygienic milking process twice a day after which the milk is chilled immediately in our unique BMC model. The whole process keeps the milk very fresh and free from contamination.

In addition to our farm, we have established a network of small co-operatives of farmers around Jaipur with the help of a few dairy experts. We worked with them on clean milk production practices, supported them with full transparency and now they are producing very good quality of milk for us every day.

Goodness of Rufil Milk

We are very particular about the quality of milk that we collect and therefore we follow a few simple rules:

We quality test the raw milk at source on advanced special equipment which can check for all types of adulterations and impurities in the milk. This gives us a unique edge in our quality control measures compared to the prevailing industry standards.
We conduct regular antibiotics testing to ensure that Rufil Milk is completely safe.
We conduct regular quality checks in our central lab for preservatives, pesticide residues or any other chemicals, before the milk is packed and delivered to you.
At every collection point the milk is chilled to less than 4℃ within 30-60 mins of milking through our unique BMC model, which is much better than the traditional industry practice of cooling the milk after 3-5 hours of milking. Our process makes Rufil milk extremely fresh and of much better quality.
Rufil has a state-of-the-art automated processing plant in Jaipur, which has received Swiss Accredited quality management certification. Extreme care is taken of hygiene and quality control during the entire production cycle.

Rufil Milk daily undergoes 36+ strict quality checks, to make sure what we deliver to you is safe and pure!

Rufil Cow Milk

With very high standards of quality control and hygiene, Rufil Cow Milk is best in every way. We source milk directly from our own family farm with 350 cows, and some nearby selected farms, and run 36+ strict quality checks to make sure every drop of milk is safe and pure. Immediately after milking, it is chilled at our farm to keep it most fresh, and then pasteurised and packed in our plant which has received Swiss Accreditation Certificate for our Quality Management Services.

Rufil Cow milk is all natural with no preservatives or any additives, and is delivered chilled directly to your homes, within 24-36 hours of milking.

Rufil Buffalo Milk

Purity and Quality are the two pillars we strictly stand by at Rufil. With very high standards of quality control and hygiene, Rufil Buffalo Milk is the best for you. We source milk directly from our selected farmers and own family farm, and run 36+ strict quality checks to make sure every drop of milk is safe and pure. Milk is chilled immediately after milking in our unique BMC model and then pasteurised and packed in our state-of the-art plant which has received Swiss Accreditation Certificate for our Quality Management Services.

Rufil Buffalo milk is rich in nutrients, is creamy, and most importantly it is completely safe and pure.

We want you to stop worrying for the daily milk run to your nearby shop. Stay home, stay safe and get the convenience of home delivery with full precautions from RUFIL DAIRY PRODUCTS.

Experience Rufil’s Online Milk & Dairy Products Delivery Service In Jaipur

Welcome to Rufil, your one-stop destination for convenient and hassle-free online milk delivery and dairy products at your doorstep in Jaipur! Embrace the goodness of farm-fresh milk and a wide assortment of dairy delights from the comfort of your home with our milk delivery app in Jaipur!

Rufil Milk & Dairy Products Delivery App

At Rufil, we take pride in introducing our state-of-the-art daily milk delivery app and dairy products delivery app, designed to ensure that fresh milk and a variety of dairy delights reach our valued customers in Jaipur and beyond.

Our online milk delivery and other dairy products delivery services cover a wide array of areas, including Vaishali Nagar, Mansarovar, Wall City, Jagatpura, Sanganer, Jhunjhunu, Ajmer, Sikar, Salasar Route, Shekhawati Route, Tonk Road, Khuchaman, and numerous other cities.

Our mission in introducing such a dairy product delivery app is to simplify your life with the utmost convenience of milk delivery at home and an array of dairy products right at your doorstep. With just a few taps on our user-friendly milk delivery app, you can experience hassle-free daily milk delivery in the comfort of your own home!

How Does The Rufil Milk And Dairy Products Delivery App Work?

Ordering milk and dairy products with Rufil is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download Our App: Get started by downloading our user-friendly Rufil Milk Delivery App from the App Store or Google Play Store. The Rufil online Milk delivery app is available in Android and iOS versions.
  2. Select Your Products: Browse through our extensive dairy range, add your desired products to the cart, and proceed to checkout.
  3. Enjoy Home Delivery: Sit back and relax and get your delicious and fresh dairy products and milk at doorstep!

So, why wait? Download Rufil app for daily milk delivery and dairy product delivery now and enjoy the service of dairy products and fresh milk delivery in Jaipur!

What Are The Products Available On The Rufil Dairy Products Delivery App?

The dairy products delivered in Jaipur and nearby cities through our milk delivery app are as follows:

  1. Cow Milk: When it comes to getting daily cow milk online in Jaipur, visit Rufil and enjoy fresh milk delivered right to your doorstep on the same day! Our cow milk is 100% natural with no preservatives, and we hold a Swiss Accreditation Certificate for our Quality Management Systems.
  2. Buffalo Milk: If you're searching for buffalo milk online in Jaipur, download our fresh milk delivery app now! Rufil buffalo milk is rich in nutrients, creamy, safe, and pure.
  3. Dahi: Made with pure cow milk, maintaining international standards, our dahi is available in fresh dahi, probiotic dahi, and creamy thick dahi variants.
  4. Rufil Ghee: Looking for online ghee in Jaipur? Order from the Rufil app and savour the flavour of fresh ghee made with 100% natural fresh cream from cow milk!
  5. Chaach: Our dairy products delivery app also offers Chaach delivery in Jaipur and nearby cities! Choose from refreshing Chaach, masala Chaach, and more.
  6. Other Dairy Products: Our milk delivery app in Jaipur also delivers Swiss yoghurt in various flavours, Boondi raita, Lassi, and much more!

Why Choose Rufil For Online Milk Delivery And Dairy Products Delivery In Jaipur?

At Rufil, we believe in providing the highest quality milk and dairy products to our valued customers. Here's why we stand out from the rest:

  1. Farm-Fresh Milk: Enjoy the goodness of pure and unadulterated milk, sourced directly from our trusted partner farms.
  2. Extensive Dairy Range: Apart from our fresh milk offerings, we have an extensive range of dairy products to cater to all your needs.
  3. Easy-to-Use Milk Delivery App: Ordering milk and dairy products has never been this convenient. With our intuitive milk delivery app, you can browse, select, and place your order within minutes.
  4. Customizable Deliveries: Choose your preferred delivery schedule based on your requirements. Whether it's daily, alternate days, or specific days of the week, we've got you covered.
  5. Contactless Delivery: Your safety is our top priority. Benefit from our contactless delivery service, ensuring a hygienic and secure delivery right to your doorstep.
  6. Competitive Prices: Enjoy the finest quality milk and dairy products at competitive prices. We believe in providing value for your money without compromising on quality.

Don't wait any longer! Enjoy the online milk delivery service in Jaipur with Rufil!

Frequently Asked Questions On Online Milk And Dairy Products Delivery

1.What are the different types of milk available at Rufil’s Online Milk Delivery App?

Ans: At Rufil’s Online Milk Delivery App, you will get fresh cow milk and fresh buffalo milk delivered to your home.

2. Is there any discount on online milk and dairy product purchases through Rufil dairy products delivery app?

Ans: Yes, you will get 100% cashback on the first purchase of any dairy products through Rufil Milk Delivery app.

3. Is the milk delivered by Rufil fresh?

Ans: Yes, the milk delivered to your home through Rufil is absolutely fresh because it contains no added preservatives, and it is delivered within 24-36 hours of milking.

4. Can I return milk? If yes, how can I do it?

Ans: Yes, if you are not satisfied with the milk packets delivered by Rufil, you can return them. In that case, you need to lodge a complaint by 4 pm on the same day of delivery to return the milk packets on the same day.

5. Can I return dairy products rather than milk ordered through Rufil?

Ans: Yes, you can also return other dairy products. In that case, you need to speak to a customer care executive within 48 hours of delivery.

6. Do I get a refund?

Ans: Yes, you will get a refund. As soon as Rufil takes the returned product back, the same value of the returned product will be issued, and it will be credited to your account wallet on the site. It will not be credited directly to your bank account.

7. How can I cancel my order on the Rufil Milk Delivery App?

Ans: For cancellation, you, as a customer, can cancel/stop your subscription or your next order anytime up to the cut-off time by using the Rufil mobile application.

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